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 I got so much done already this morning, and I'm NOT a morning person! 

I took Skittles, the cat I inherited from my mom, to the vet. I think she has a UTI. The vet took a urine sample and it had a lot of blood in it, so he gave her a long-acting antibiotic shot. This cat was a feral kitten my mom tamed, so giving her pills or liquid is literally impossible... the minute I opened the cat carrier when we got home, she flew down the basement stairs and God only knows where she is. The vet also drew blood for a panel. so I'm to call on Monday and find out how she's doing otherwise. He remarked, however, that she looks really good for a cat her age (16). 

I returned some library books that are  (gasp!) overdue. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we librarians are probably the worst people in the world for getting books back on time. So sue me! At least they're back!

I then went to the bank and took care of some stuff and then went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. "Things" included a fried chicken breast... the deli ladies had just taken some out of the fryer and put them out and they smelled so good, I couldn't resist. The fact that I hadn't eaten any breakfast had a lot to do with it. Of course, the cats, except for Skittles who's in hiding, insisted I share with them. 

It's still drizzling, so I'm going to clean the house a bit and pay bills. Yawn...
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