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 It was cold today, but not as cold as yesterday! It was very sunny out too, which only makes it seem more cruel. Grr... but it's supposed to warm up over the weekend. :)

Tuesday, my sister was in town and we went to the mall and to the Cheesecake Factory. We always end up eating at the Cheesecake Factory because my sister loves their grilled salmon with steamed spinach (ew!!!). I had the smaller sized Bistro Shrimp pasta, which is supposed to be a very caloric dish; but I always get the smaller serving and I can't ever finish that, anyhow!

Then we went shopping. I got a Lancome lipstick and gloss, which came with a free gift. Also a Tarte Amazonian Clay blush and Provocateur Shimmering powder. The Tarte things were so new, they hadn't been unpacked! The Sephora clerks know me by name and were very nice, bringing the testers out and letting me play with the brand new goodies. 

Today I had a dental appointment for a cleaning, check-up, and X-rays. My dentist has been my dentist since I was 16-- I don't want to think how long that is! Anyway, I didn't have any cavities. :)  I then went to the grocery store and got the stuff for a taco-type casserole for supper (very good). The store I went to has baked goods from several of the best bakeries in town, so I also splurged on a yummy-looking chocolate cupcake and a raspberry muffin, which I'm saving for breakfast. The cupcake, however, is calling my name now!

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