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I made a cake-mix peach cobbler tonight... I had a migraine all day and I wanted comfort food. The cats LOVE the smell of it when it's baking and hang around the kitchen, meowing and dancing when I check on it.

Anyhow, when it was done, I took it out and put it on a rack to cool. Then ate. Mm! For not really "baking", it's good!

Evidently, Buster thinks so, too, because about a half an hour afterward, I looked up and he was busily licking at it! 

(I trimmed that part off, just so you know.)
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 I fried some bacon a little while ago, planning to make a Cobb salad for supper tonight and BLT tomorrow. Stupidly, I left it on the counter to cool. I then went into the living room and sat down to read a magazine.

After about ten or fifteen minutes, I heard a nar-nar-nar noise from the kitchen and immediately knew what happened. I went in and, yes, indeed, Skittles had quietly eaten several slices of bacon and was eating another, while simultaneously growling at Buster to get his own bacon!

Well, I have SOME bacon left, anyhow. 
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I made muffins for breakfast today (cinnamon streusel muffins... ooo!) Just to be sure they were done, I used a toothpick to check them, and carelessly left the toothpick on the kitchen counter. 

When I came back later, there was only HALF a toothpick.

Here is the most likely suspect:




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