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I've been riding more lately, thank heavens! The heat has been so ghastly here, I've had trouble with the stupid asthma--short of breath, heart palpitations, and whatnot. 

Dancer is such a wonderful horse! I've been trying to get out to the barn at least twice a week, but during the heat, it's best to ride in the early morning and I am NOT a morning person! Once I get there, though, I always have such a good time. Everyone's friendly and there's not a lot of Drama Queens the way there was at the Other Barn (not the barn Tiki lived at, the other barn I took lessons at). And Dancer... 

Such a wonderful boy! I never thought about having a grey horse; I always liked bays. So what did I end up with??? LOL! It's a pain because he loves to sleep with his head in his pee, but then as Anne (trainer) says, "All horses are dirty". It forces me to experiment with various spot-cleaners, though. 

In other news, my sister's been driving me crazy with a family matter involving our brother. It's been incredibly stressful and I finally pointed out to her she's been obsessed with it and she needed to do what was possible and then DROP it. I mean, she was calling me six or seven--or even more--times a day. 

I did go to the State Fair with her, though, and that was fun. Over 60 foods on a stick, plus the famous (infamous?) Krispy Kreme cheeseburger, which I did NOT try. :D  I never knew how susceptible my sister was to the sales pitches of the various vendors... she would be as if hypnotized by the shpiel. Honestly. She watched the one for the hand-powered food processor/grinder/grater twice in a row, which amazed me. Even more amazing, she almost bought one! 

Finally got some cool weather again tonight. The cats and I are enjoying it very much.


Jun. 16th, 2010 07:16 pm
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 It's the rare and elusive Calico Cat, finally caught on film!


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I made a cake-mix peach cobbler tonight... I had a migraine all day and I wanted comfort food. The cats LOVE the smell of it when it's baking and hang around the kitchen, meowing and dancing when I check on it.

Anyhow, when it was done, I took it out and put it on a rack to cool. Then ate. Mm! For not really "baking", it's good!

Evidently, Buster thinks so, too, because about a half an hour afterward, I looked up and he was busily licking at it! 

(I trimmed that part off, just so you know.)
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 I fried some bacon a little while ago, planning to make a Cobb salad for supper tonight and BLT tomorrow. Stupidly, I left it on the counter to cool. I then went into the living room and sat down to read a magazine.

After about ten or fifteen minutes, I heard a nar-nar-nar noise from the kitchen and immediately knew what happened. I went in and, yes, indeed, Skittles had quietly eaten several slices of bacon and was eating another, while simultaneously growling at Buster to get his own bacon!

Well, I have SOME bacon left, anyhow. 
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I made muffins for breakfast today (cinnamon streusel muffins... ooo!) Just to be sure they were done, I used a toothpick to check them, and carelessly left the toothpick on the kitchen counter. 

When I came back later, there was only HALF a toothpick.

Here is the most likely suspect:




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