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I've been riding more lately, thank heavens! The heat has been so ghastly here, I've had trouble with the stupid asthma--short of breath, heart palpitations, and whatnot. 

Dancer is such a wonderful horse! I've been trying to get out to the barn at least twice a week, but during the heat, it's best to ride in the early morning and I am NOT a morning person! Once I get there, though, I always have such a good time. Everyone's friendly and there's not a lot of Drama Queens the way there was at the Other Barn (not the barn Tiki lived at, the other barn I took lessons at). And Dancer... 

Such a wonderful boy! I never thought about having a grey horse; I always liked bays. So what did I end up with??? LOL! It's a pain because he loves to sleep with his head in his pee, but then as Anne (trainer) says, "All horses are dirty". It forces me to experiment with various spot-cleaners, though. 

In other news, my sister's been driving me crazy with a family matter involving our brother. It's been incredibly stressful and I finally pointed out to her she's been obsessed with it and she needed to do what was possible and then DROP it. I mean, she was calling me six or seven--or even more--times a day. 

I did go to the State Fair with her, though, and that was fun. Over 60 foods on a stick, plus the famous (infamous?) Krispy Kreme cheeseburger, which I did NOT try. :D  I never knew how susceptible my sister was to the sales pitches of the various vendors... she would be as if hypnotized by the shpiel. Honestly. She watched the one for the hand-powered food processor/grinder/grater twice in a row, which amazed me. Even more amazing, she almost bought one! 

Finally got some cool weather again tonight. The cats and I are enjoying it very much.
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I live in a good-sized city and often travel to a nearby large city that I also love. I definitely love city life. However, I own a horse, and naturally he must live in a rural or at least suburban area (I board him currently).

In a perfect world, I'd have my special paradise: a city where I could keep my horse at home and ride him around town! The grounds of my house would be large enough for him to graze on; he would have a lovely stable; I'd have a nice indoor ring as well as an outdoor. I could go out to the stable last thing at night and talk to him and give him a treat; I could ride whenever fancy struck me. It would be my bliss.

This perfect-world city would accommodate all the horse-lovers and have stables with attendants everywhere, so we could ride our horses all over and know they'd be safely cared for while we did our errands, shopped, or dined. While I'm dreaming, automobile drivers would ALWAYS give us the right-of-way and NEVER do asshat-ish things like rev engines or honk horns loudly or squeal tires, to try to frighten the horses. Oh, and the golf courses would be stables and show grounds and horse parks--think of the lovely, lovely courses you could build!!! :D

Parks in general would be loaded with bridle paths! 

Oh, I want it now! I want to be able to ride my horse to the mall! :) :) :) ;)

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I'm trying to stay upbeat and positive this new year, really, but tonight I'm sad. I had to put Tiki down. He got cast (fell and couldn't get up without falling again) for the second time in a week. He's been arthritic for a long time. You may remember when I retired him. 

Now, dear Tiki, who taught me to jump courses, who took me to my first dressage show, who loved me so unconditionally and was there for me through so many, many bad times, is gone. I miss him already.


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 Yesterday, I went with a few women from the barn to the Maui Jim horse trials at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IL, to see the cross-country. It was a blast! It was on the international CIC*** level with Olympians competing. We got to see Bruce Davidson and his son Buck (Bruce Jr.), and a lady (oh, I wish I could remember her name!) who had been in the Beijing Olympics, as well as David O'Connor, who wasn't riding, but coaching some of the Canadians.

Lisa Marie Fergusson's horse died at the finish line... just collapsed. It was horribly sad and I'm glad I didn't actually see it happen. Now, of course, there's the huge controversy over eventing and whether or not some of the divisions are too cruel and demanding.

It was fascinating being there with an "in" group. The riders from our barn had gone already and so Anne was able to take us to some of the best spots to watch. The one bank was... formidable!!! Leap up, leap up, jump on top, leap down, gallop away! Whew! And some of the bounces and combinations were wild! They seemed no wider than I am tall! 

Oddly enough, the water jumps seemed to bother the horses less than some of the other things. I was surprised at that. Tiki hates water with a passion. Dancer doesn't seem to care one way or another. 

Even though I got a terrific sunburn on my arms and neck, and even though I can't describe how sad I was to hear of the horse's death, I had a wonderful time. I hope I go to another horse trials soon!

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I rode Dancer Thursday afternoon. Gave him a really good workout--we must have trotted at least thirty minutes nonstop! Of course, this was partly due to the fact that Anne was giving a dressage clinic this weekend and there were--OMG!!--FOLDING CHAIRS OF DOOM IN THE RING!!! Really. There was a small stack of them between two jumps and when I circled Dancer between the jumps, he (uncharacteristically) spazzed out at them so hard, I nearly went off BACKWARDS!!!

So, naturally, we learned that folding chairs do not eat grey horses. This was amazingly challenging work. I think it was due to the fact it was a coolish day and he hadn't had any turnout. Anyway, we got over it.

Going home, I felt sort of crappy--stomach cramps, runny nose, headache, but I chalked it up to allergies. I had pretty bad chills when I got home, but I just went to bed. All day Friday I felt lousy--sore throat, chills, headache, sneezing, stomachache, all that lovely stuff. Saturday I felt better and today I feel pretty OK. I mean, so what? We all get sick sometimes!

My friend Rachel's husband had a sore throat for a couple of days. That's all. No chills. Then he got a temperature--on the THIRD day--of BARELY 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

He immediately called the doctor and nagged him till the doctor prescribed antivirals. Jeez!
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It was gorgeous out today! In the eighties! I had a lesson, then tried a "new" used saddle on Dancer (I'm not happy with his current one), gave Dancer another bath (he REALLY hated this one as it was outside and used cold water), then cleaned all his tack.

It was so beautiful that after Kelly (a working student) took some digital pictures of me riding Dancer with the saddle to send to the company (this one doesn't work either), I rode Dancer around some more. He and I both love the outdoor ring. I'm happy to say he isn't afraid of puddles the way some horses are. He looked at them about one second and then walked right through. I have the feeling he might make a good trail horse or even an event horse!

He and I worked more on canter departs and transitions. He has a very lofty, forward, long-strided trot and I'm still learning to sit down to it when asking for the depart. To look at him, you'd never guess he has such a long stride--he puts a lot of warmbloods to shame!

It was exactly the kind of day that makes me realize all over again for the thousandth--no, the millionth time--why I love horses and riding so much. And why I ride even in winter when I'm freezing--because eventually spring will come, and days like today.


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