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The lighting is in, the sinks are in (though the bathroom one needs to be caulked), the granite countertop is installed in the kitchen, etcetera and so forth--we're nearing completion--

It all pales in comparison to one tremendous, wondrous, extraordinary, lovely lovely fact:


I actually sang to the cats tonight while cooking. (They find the new countertops excellent for observing mother while she's doing things around the kitchen.) It was only salad and pasta, but it was my first HOME-COOKED IN MY OWN HOME meal since this whole thing started an aeon ago!!!

Tomorrow I plan on finding my pans and tentatively baking something this weekend.

This is my stove:
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So somebody went through the trash again. It was quite a haul--a bagful of old, worn-out, rusty baking sheets and pans, some old clothes, a small grill my sister bought at Goodwill that never worked, a comforter that Evy took out her anger on and that I really meant to see if I could DO something about but never did, some aluminum cans, those plastic microwave dishes they tell you not to use anymore, and... THAT grossed me out. My parents had both grown up in the Great Depression, and my mom had the hoarder gene. She bought tons of stuff and stored it (hence this going through and discarding en masse I'm doing). There were some outdated soups and such I found down the basement (no idea how it got there) and I put that, along with some stuff I didn't get a chance to use myself, out for the trash. I mean like powdered sugar, tea, brown sugar that went hard, and so on. Someone took it.

I'm annoyed, too, in a way, because while some of the stuff went in its bags, some of it was in larger bags and whoever it was just ripped open the bag and grabbed what s/he wanted and left the other items to fall out or be blown down the alley. I feel sorry for someone desperate enough to trash pick, yes, but that didn't stop me from feeling sorry for myself having to spend half an hour gathering trash all up and down the alley in an icy cold wind and 32F temps, when I'd had it all neatly stacked before.

I hope whoever gathered that food checks the dates. I DON'T want them to get sick!! I have conflicting feelings. I feel sad that someone is desperate enough to go trash picking and take thrown out food--but I spent a lot of time stacking that trash neatly, and just rifling through it and tossing it around annoys me. Is this wrong of me, to be annoyed...?
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...I discovered that someone had gone through my trash. I suppose the dumpster taking up the parking space next to my garage is a tip that Something Is Going On.

I've been cleaning most of the day, and put out even MORE stuff. If whoever went through the trash comes back down the alley, s/he'll have a REAL field day. Especially if I feel motivated to do more after the pizza arrives, and feel recharged after eating. *grin*


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