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I shouldn't have laughed at George getting antivirals, I guess. I had either horrible stomach flu or food poisoning all day Sunday and most of this morning. Karma's a bitch.
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I rode Dancer outside again today. It was a gorgeous day, about 75F and a little breezy, slightly overcast. Perfect for riding outside!

Dancer was a bit looky again--after all, it's only the fourth time he's been in the outdoor ring and the first time he and I have been completely alone in it--but he was very, very good. Anne, Kelly, Amy, and some of the other boarders were painting jumps at one side and he wanted to stare at them, but I didn't have any real trouble refocusing him. He's such a good boy!

We got some real work accomplished, including a lot of canter work on the left rein. Next time I want to work on cantering on the right rein. He's got an awesome canter.

Oh, and the bath I gave him? What a Sisyphean task. He has ENORMOUS manure/urine stains on his left hindquarter. Evidently that's his favorite side to lie down on. *sigh*

On the way home, I stopped at the Perkins near my house for something to eat (I can't WAIT until my kitchen is finished!) An older man and woman with a very old lady were seated at a table near mine. The very old lady was quite sharp in her pretty pink sweater set, grey slacks, bright red lipstick, and (very) dyed black hair. She really gave you the idea she was something in her day.

I don't know what they were talking about, but at one point I heard her come out with, "I don't know SHIT! and I almost snorted my coffee across the room. My sides ached with holding my laughter in and I actually had tears in my eyes. You know how it is--you don't want to laugh, it's not the right time to laugh, so it seems even funnier.

I want to be like that little old lady when I get old.
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...I discovered that someone had gone through my trash. I suppose the dumpster taking up the parking space next to my garage is a tip that Something Is Going On.

I've been cleaning most of the day, and put out even MORE stuff. If whoever went through the trash comes back down the alley, s/he'll have a REAL field day. Especially if I feel motivated to do more after the pizza arrives, and feel recharged after eating. *grin*


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