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The lighting is in, the sinks are in (though the bathroom one needs to be caulked), the granite countertop is installed in the kitchen, etcetera and so forth--we're nearing completion--

It all pales in comparison to one tremendous, wondrous, extraordinary, lovely lovely fact:


I actually sang to the cats tonight while cooking. (They find the new countertops excellent for observing mother while she's doing things around the kitchen.) It was only salad and pasta, but it was my first HOME-COOKED IN MY OWN HOME meal since this whole thing started an aeon ago!!!

Tomorrow I plan on finding my pans and tentatively baking something this weekend.

This is my stove:
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The remodeling is very, very slowly progressing. The bathroom had its second coat of paint yesterday. Its tub surround and tub are in and so are the vanities (sans countertops).

The kitchen floor is torn up, the walls have had one coat of paint, some of the new lights are in and most of the new cabinets are installed.

It hasn't been without glitches, of course. I wasn't told until the DAY BEFORE they started painting that I had to pick out paint, and then it was implied that they would only paint the bathroom. So I wake up to find my kitchen being painted the wrong color one morning! Ack! I had a minor skirmish with the project manager, who then delivered samples of my countertop and flooring so I could pick out the right paint color. Then, I found out I was going to have an utterly useless cabinet installed. At first I was going to have a microwave hood; then I found out they're not very efficient. I decided on a regular hood installed instead, and go with a countertop microwave. Well, a cabinet with two miniscule cabinets and a spot for a microwave arrives. Uh-oh. Another hasty phonecall.

I'm glad I decided to stay at home while it's been going on and not "take a vacation to avoid the mess" as my sister suggested.

The cats have been amazed by all that's going on. Buster climbed around on all the cabinets when they arrived, and actually fell through a hole in one of them. I had to pull him out as he was stuck inside. Evy smelled everything and rubbed against it to mark it.

But it was the funniest the first night the cabinets went in. Everyone just sat on the kitchen floor and stared at them in amazement.
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The work goes on and on (and on...)

The kitchen is gutted to the bare walls and floor. Actually, there is NO wall in part of it. Part of the floor is covered in ghastly pale-yellow-and-avocado-green patterned linoleum--verylate Sixties/early Seventies. I suppose when I'm dead and gone, someone will look at what I've chosen and gasp in horror--"What on EARTH was she THINKING??"

The half a bath is ripped out, too. That's a story in itself. The half a bath and the full bath were right next to each other, separated by a pocket door, in the weirdest set-up I've ever seen. I mean, the toilets were right next to each other, separated only but a tiny wall and that stupid damned pocket door that never worked right. I suppose it was so they could say, "It has a bath and a half!" but to my mind it wasn't much of a selling point. I opted to get rid of the half a bath, half a wall, pocket door, and put in a storage vanity instead.

Lord, we've only begun...
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So somebody went through the trash again. It was quite a haul--a bagful of old, worn-out, rusty baking sheets and pans, some old clothes, a small grill my sister bought at Goodwill that never worked, a comforter that Evy took out her anger on and that I really meant to see if I could DO something about but never did, some aluminum cans, those plastic microwave dishes they tell you not to use anymore, and... THAT grossed me out. My parents had both grown up in the Great Depression, and my mom had the hoarder gene. She bought tons of stuff and stored it (hence this going through and discarding en masse I'm doing). There were some outdated soups and such I found down the basement (no idea how it got there) and I put that, along with some stuff I didn't get a chance to use myself, out for the trash. I mean like powdered sugar, tea, brown sugar that went hard, and so on. Someone took it.

I'm annoyed, too, in a way, because while some of the stuff went in its bags, some of it was in larger bags and whoever it was just ripped open the bag and grabbed what s/he wanted and left the other items to fall out or be blown down the alley. I feel sorry for someone desperate enough to trash pick, yes, but that didn't stop me from feeling sorry for myself having to spend half an hour gathering trash all up and down the alley in an icy cold wind and 32F temps, when I'd had it all neatly stacked before.

I hope whoever gathered that food checks the dates. I DON'T want them to get sick!! I have conflicting feelings. I feel sad that someone is desperate enough to go trash picking and take thrown out food--but I spent a lot of time stacking that trash neatly, and just rifling through it and tossing it around annoys me. Is this wrong of me, to be annoyed...?

It's begun

Apr. 3rd, 2009 12:41 am
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The renovations on my house started today. The kitchen is ripped completely apart. Literally. No sink, no stove (YAY!!! I hated that piece of shit that never worked right!), no counters, no cupboards. The refrigerator is in what used to be the dining room.

The cats are utterly confused. Buster keeps trying to stand up against the plastic sheeting separating the living room and kitchen/dining room. What a surprise he had when he attempted it while standing on the table. Evy is frankly terrified; she's been rather spooky since I accidentally set off the alarm system last week when she was standing right next to me.

Lots of interesting little items turned up under the refrigerator--cat toys, pills, a bottle of nail polish (how on earth did THAT get there???), cherry tomatoes that Buster kept stealing and rolling around the floor, a key to I-don't-know-what, Buster's makeup brushes (he knocks them under there and tries to fish them out, with varying success).

The stove (that horrible, HORRIBLE electric, outdated thing) arc'd when they pulled out the plug. It was a 60 volt plug in a 40 volt outlet. I was damn lucky a fire hadn't started! It's now in pieces on the lawn, waiting to go into the dumpster. They're putting in a gas hookup and I'm having the electrical system updated.

I'm looking at new stoves. [ profile] jarlsberg71, do you know what's a good brand of gas cooktop/gas convection oven stove, possibly with a grill?

Can you tell I HATE that old stove???

Tomorrow they start on the bathroom. It's a wreck, literally, with holes in the wall--not from the demolition; because the damned house was in such poor shape when we bought it and all this wasn't disclosed to us.

I'm not looking forward to all the construction work...


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