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 Yesterday, I went with a few women from the barn to the Maui Jim horse trials at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IL, to see the cross-country. It was a blast! It was on the international CIC*** level with Olympians competing. We got to see Bruce Davidson and his son Buck (Bruce Jr.), and a lady (oh, I wish I could remember her name!) who had been in the Beijing Olympics, as well as David O'Connor, who wasn't riding, but coaching some of the Canadians.

Lisa Marie Fergusson's horse died at the finish line... just collapsed. It was horribly sad and I'm glad I didn't actually see it happen. Now, of course, there's the huge controversy over eventing and whether or not some of the divisions are too cruel and demanding.

It was fascinating being there with an "in" group. The riders from our barn had gone already and so Anne was able to take us to some of the best spots to watch. The one bank was... formidable!!! Leap up, leap up, jump on top, leap down, gallop away! Whew! And some of the bounces and combinations were wild! They seemed no wider than I am tall! 

Oddly enough, the water jumps seemed to bother the horses less than some of the other things. I was surprised at that. Tiki hates water with a passion. Dancer doesn't seem to care one way or another. 

Even though I got a terrific sunburn on my arms and neck, and even though I can't describe how sad I was to hear of the horse's death, I had a wonderful time. I hope I go to another horse trials soon!


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