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[Error: unknown template qotd]Woolworth's, definitely. I have many fond memories of shopping at Woolworth's as a child (usually where I did the bulk of my Christmas shopping), having a hamburger or a grilled cheese sandwich at the lunch counter, browsing the toy department, looking at the hamsters in the pet department and so on. They always had a great bulk candy counter, too. I vividly remember the sound of the candy counter--the rattle of something--jelly beans? peanuts?--pouring into the metal scale for a customer. I bought my first makeup at Woolworth's when I was about twelve. They had this brand that was two for a dollar. I remember a nail polish that was LAVENDER; I thought it was gorgeous. My mom sort of shuddered when I showed it to her, but I, of course, thought I was beauty personified when I wore it.

Just walking around that store was fun. I still miss it!

I also miss Marshall Field's. Macy's just can't compare. Marshall Field's was elegant, upscale, quality, gracious. I loved shopping there. The sales staff were always lovely, or so it seemed. And whenever I went to Chicago, a trip to the flagship store on State Street was a must, especially at Christmastime. Now, I feel I've wandered into Walmart sometimes when I go into the Mayfair store. I'm not joking, sadly.


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